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Olena's Study Abroad Consultancy (OSAC)
Trained Education Agent 2018 - Cambridge English Language Assessment

The core mission of OSAC

It should be and it is noble. The main goal is to raise educational standards in Ukraine by instilling into young people and adults of my country the desire to attain their personal and educational goals, so presenting them appropriate and competitive offers from the best language schools, colleges and universities is the shortest way to achieve it.

Another purpose of the agency is gaining our customers’ trust, by providing them with truthful and accurate information. In order to provide people with the most complete information, we dedicate ourselves to investigating carefully the education market, which gives us a clear and objective vision of what different countries and institutions have to offer our customers.

ICEF AGENCY 2018 - 2019

Besides, our work will always be focused on giving the best personalized service to our customers, by respecting their personal needs, on a social, economic and cultural level. The agency focuses all its efforts in identifying “true” needs of the customers when they feel the desire to travel and study abroad, whether their purpose is to learn a new language, to consolidate language skills, or to complete studies in the field of their choice.

Positive feedback on our work is the result of rich experience in organizing study tours abroad (over 10 years) and partnership with trustworthy educational institutions of Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, Czeck Republic, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Australia, Malta.

Our services:

WEBA WORLD - Agents workshops, Education fairs - Qualify Agent Education Counsellor
  • support in the organization of educational trips for children groups (age 7-17 years) in the summer camps of the Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, Czeck Republic, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Australia, Malta;
  • support in the organization of the individual trips to study abroad at colleges, language schools, universities and summer camps;
  • support in the organization of adult education abroad in order to increase their professional level;
  • negotiating with the school and receiving an invitation letter;
  • translating documents into English;
  • assistance in completing application forms for visa entry, filing documents for an interview;
  • Assistance with insurance and booking tickets;
  • English test to define the level of language.
Olena Shaparenko US Course Graduate

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